Gasket paper

Check out our range of gasket paper, we provide a variety of thickness's and sizes, also liquid gasket, gasket scrapers & gasket remover available.

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  • Precision knives Luxe 50-Pieces

    Precision knives Luxe 50-Pieces

    Regular Price: €17.50

    Special Price: €14.95

  • Ruler 50CM SS

    Ruler 50CM SS

  • Set Perforating punches 5-Parts

    Set Perforating punches 5-Parts

  • Stanley knife 150MM

    Stanley knife 150MM

  • Unior Gasket scraper

    Unior Gasket scraper

  • UNIOR Hollow pipe Pliers -558/5P     200 MM

    UNIOR Hollow pipe Pliers -558/5P 200 MM


42 Item(s)

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