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1. Take time for pasting stickers, adhesive letters and lettering.
2. Make the surface clean and free of grease. Use alcohol.
3. Possible tools: spray bottle, cutter, window wiper, masking tape and detergent.
4. If possible, perform the work inside. For example, in a garage, make sure at that you can work dust and wind free.
5. The processing temperature of stickers is the best above 10 ° C.
6. Air bubbles can not always be avoided, but usually pull away. Possibly by puncture with a needle.


1. Roll the sticker and place them in order of how you want to paste.
2. Caution! Your sticker usually consists of two parts, one application tape (this is usually transparent or white) this allows you to place
    the sticker
(set) on the desired location.

3. Determine the best location for the stickers and paste it with masking tape on the side of the sticker on the moped.
4. Remove the backing paper by pulling diagonally. Away from the text Slowly pull so that time gets to come loose.
5. Mist with a spray bottle or similar both the back of the sticker as the substrate on which it should be wet
    (use less than a drop of detergent per liter water). Too much detergent is worse than NONE.

6. Keep the two separate corners of the sticker tightly and fold it down into place.
7. Rub gently from the middle of the sticker the water under the sticker off (possibly use window weeper) and make sure that no sand
    or dust is on sticker




If necessary. you can paste stickers DRY. For this you do need some experience.
Good luck and have fun with our stickers.

We'd love to hear about your experiences so we JMPB Parts, so we can adapt if necessary



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