Electric parts for your Yamaha

The electrical system of the classic Yamaha like the FS1, TD and RD is fairly simple, but it is important that the functioning all electrical parts works. Worn spark plug wires or dirty contacts can quickly throw spanner in the works and ensure that your moped will not start or is running bad. At JMPB we have all electrical parts for your classic moped that are crucial for the optimal running of the engine.

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  • Sparkplug Bosch W3AC

    Sparkplug Bosch W3AC

    Regular Price: €2.95

    Special Price: €2.25

  • Sparkplug Bosch W4AC

    Sparkplug Bosch W4AC

  • Sparkplug Bosch W5AC

    Sparkplug Bosch W5AC

  • Sparkplug Bosch W7AC

    Sparkplug Bosch W7AC


94 Item(s)

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